When Was Your Last Life Insurance Check-up?

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Well, 2020 is here and we wish you and your family the best year ever!

As we start into a brand new year, if you are like most people, you think about resolutions, important things you want to accomplish and those lists of things that you were to do last year that you did not get done. If you are like me, family matters and financial goals are top of mind. Now is the perfect time to review these things and life insurance should definitely be on the list.

When Was The Last Time You Went To Your Doctor For A Check-Up?

Yes, you have probably seen the doctor or at least had an annual physical within the last year. If you are in the majority, you will see your physician again this year. It only makes sense for us to make sure that we are managing our health and doing what we need to do to live a quality life.

When Was The Last Time You Reviewed Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you are like some people, the last time you reviewed your life insurance policy was when you receive it from your agent. Sad But True! Yes, it’s a fact that life insurance isn’t the most intriguing topic but having a clear understanding of your life insurance policy(ies) is a very important part of your overall financial plan. In fact, life insurance is crucial to your families financial security!

Top Seven Reasons to Review Your Life Insurance Policy

1. Rates are coming down! See, term life insurance rates reduced.

2. You are overinsured or underinsured. Your financial circumstances change over time and you must make sure that your life insurance keeps pace with the changes.

3. Your level term period is expiring or has expired. Most term life polices offer a fixed rate for a set period of time. You need to keep track of your level rate period so that you can extend it if necessary.

4. Your health has changed. Maybe you have lost weight or quit smoking?

5. You are overpaying! If you paid more than you should have for your existing life insurance policy you need to take another look.

6. You need to change your beneficiary(ies). Things change and you should review your policies to make sure that your beneificary designations are up to date.

7. You have not heard from your agent in years. Let’s face it. Most agents do not provide customer service at all! In fact, most agents never follow-up with their clients once the policy is delivered and effective.


Your life insurance portfolio is just as important to your financial health as an annual check-up with your doctor is to your medical health. Don’t be shortsighted and miss opportunities to improve your life insurance plan. A second opinion may make all the difference. To get a no obligation life insurance review, call MEG Financial to day at (877) 583-3955. You can also get an instant life insurance quote right now.

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About MEG Financial

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