What Our Clients Have to Say

Since 2004, we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses with their life and disability insurance needs. Many have now become good friends but all have the best life and disability insurance given their objectives.

Following are some comments from just a few of our many satisfied customers:

“Michael E. Gray, Jr. of MEG Financial was instrumental in providing my wife and I life insurance options that simply were unavailable to us through other insurance agents. He also managed to save us substantial sums of money while meeting our insurance needs. He provided us the solutions that gave us peace of mind and incomparable value.

My wife was diagnosed with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes 23 years ago. Many brokers told us that her diabetes would either keep her from being offer insurance or would lead to very expensive premiums. However, Mr. Gray, with his knowledge of the industry was aware of a company that would consider individuals with diabetes on a case by case basis without automatically placing them in a very costly medically rated category. Thus, Ann, who has taken fastidious care of herself and has managed her illness well, was able to obtain a $500,000 policy with guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed affordable and level premiums for the rest of her life.

I am not an easy person to please. During the 3 months of our decision making journey, Mr. Gray was always courteous, always available, and always trying to ascertain what were our needs. This is unlike so many other brokers that have a fixed number of products or policies and a hidden agenda of trying to push those specific policies. I estimate that Mr. Gray has saved my wife and I many thousands of dollars. At the same time, I feel we have found a valuable resource and enduring relationship. As a psychiatrist, I value the importance of relationships. Mr. Gray is one of those rare individuals that is competent in his area of knowledge and who also genuinely cares about helping others.

I can recommend Michael E. Gray, Jr. of MEG Financial without reservations to anyone needing advice pertaining to life insurance.”

John F. Abess, MD and
Ann T. Abess, RN,
South Carolina

“We wanted to take this time to pass along our thanks for your part in getting us over an immense hurdle.

We were in a difficult bind. The company who had previously written our Keyman policy opted not to renew the policy on the renewal date. Their reasons were vague and confusing. Since it was imperative that we carry this policy due to requirements from our bank, we began what we thought would be a simple matter of getting another company to issue us a policy.

However, the situation turned out to be anything but simple. The agent who had helped us with the original policy finally threw his hands in the air and declared defeat. He stated something to do with notes in Dan’s file – but again the references were vague and simple didn’t make sense.

Beginning to get alarmed, we “googled” insurance plus “Keyman policy” and your name along with several others popped up. After making initial inquiries we were impressed with your quick response and chose to work with you. This began a long and difficult saga – trying to get to the bottom of what exactly was happening. You were persistent and kept digging until you understood what the true issues were. You were then able to convey the situation to us in a fashion that was clear, honest and forthright.

Once we understood what we were up against, you helped us figure out the best way to tackle the problem – and stuck with us until we were finally victorious.

Daniel Murphy
Susan Murphy
Virginia American
Construction, Inc.

“It seems like the opportunity to provide a note for a job well done does not occur often enough and sometimes we forget to actually do it. I did not want my recent experience to pass without sending this note to thank you and your staff for a job well done. In particular, I will single out Matthew Griggs.

On July 27th, I received an email form Matthew in response to my on-line inquiry for a “key man” insurance policy. At the time I was in negotiations to buy a business and was trying to determine the cost and eligibility for a policy to cover the loan balance.

I selected another agent and insurance company and over the next 9 weeks went through their process, which meant they held my funds for 8 weeks and ended up demanding an additional premium amount (nearly 3 times the original quote). During this time Matthew continued to follow up with me to see if he could be of assistance.

On September 28th, I decided the pursuit of a policy with Foresters Life Insurance Company was futile and was frustrated that I had wasted so much time. I contacted Matthew and explained my situation. He immediately researched options and sent me an application for a policy with Prudential the next day.

In less than 4 weeks I received the notification that I was approved and the premium was $600 lower than the original premium quoted. (The premium is also $700 lower than the original quoted premium from Foresters). In addition, I was not required to submit any funds until the policy was approved.

Today I mailed the first year’s premium and required documents to your office to compete the final step.

Of course I wish I would have made this choice on July 28th, but am now glad that Matthew was persistent with this follow up. During this time I had successfully negotiated the purchase of the company and was a bit anxious since I had committed to having a policy in force by the end of 2009, based on the original promises made to me by Foresters in July/Aug.

Please use this letter in any manner you choose, but be sure to share it with Matthew. I will keep your company’s contact information and will share it with anyone I know with insurance needs.”

G. E. Randecker

“When my husband retired in April we began looking at ways to reduce our monthly expenses so we would not have to live a different lifestyle than we had become accustomed. One area that we were heavy in was life insurance. We had a policy through Meg Financial for my husband that would cover our mortgage in the event of his death. We had purchased the policy many years back and it had a fairly large monthly premium. Since we had reduced the mortgage balance since that time, we decided we would cancel this policy and save the monthly payment.

We contacted Michael Gray with Meg Financial with our request to cancel the policy. He asks us if we were interested in the possibility of selling the policy. We of course had never heard of this and had him explain the process to us. He told us about investors who purchased policies if the policy holder met certain criteria. It happened that my husband fell within the parameters of those qualifications and we ask Michael to pursue selling the policy. He explained it could be a lengthy process, perhaps several months, and he may or may not find a buyer. We agreed to take the chance since we may at least gain back the premiums we had paid over the years and had nothing to lose. This was an interesting possibility to us since our original thoughts were to cancel the policy, take our losses, and move on.

Several weeks went by and Michael called us to let us know he had a prospect but had not yet confirmed anything with them about the purchase. He then sent a packet of paper work for us to fill out and return. Even though the packet was very well marked and had complete instructions, I had immediate and constant access with him and his staff throughout this process. They even called us to ensure we understood everything and to see if we needed help or had questions about anything. After that phase, he and his staff were in contact with us at least weekly to keep us up to date on the progress.

In July, Michael contacted us to let us know his prospects had confirmed the purchase. He had actually negotiated our policy for $43,400. We could have never dreamed this would happen. We would have been happy with a thousand or two. The persistence of Michael and his staff in this endeavor was no doubt what made it a great success. He, in turn, enabled us to completely pay off our mortgage.

We cannot thank you and your staff enough for offering to guide us through this process and for bringing us this gift we never knew existed. Your knowledge and persistence through this process was phenomenal!”

Scott Booth
Julie Booth
South Carolina

“It was a pleasure to do business with you in regard to my recent purchase of life insurance with MEG Financial. Your persistence, dedication, and determination in successfully achieving an affordable rate for my needs was greatly appreciated. You and your office staff were professional and attentive at all times whenever I had questions or needed advice. There are few companies that treat customers with the respect and concern that I receive from you. I look forward to dealing with you in the future and plan to recommend your company to others that may need life insurance.”

Jerry Greil

“Thank you and your staff for obtaining a $500,000 10-year term life insurance policy from me. You or your staff either called or e-mailed me every week to keep me informed of the progress. As you know, I had been dealing with another life insurance agent who had assisted me and my children in obtaining life insurance policies several years ago. When I wanted to obtain a new life insurance policy to replace an existing one expiring in 2010, I went back to my previous agent. Unfortunately the results this time were awful. I was rejected by one insurance company due to a high PSA level and was given a D rating by another. Afterwards I found MEG Financial on the Internet and completed the necessary information for a quote. I received both an e-mail and a telephone call from you. You went to work immediately and obtained a preferred status with my life insurance policy. I will not forget the service and will highly recommend you to anyone that needs a good qualified insurance agent. My boss at work always tells us that if it was easy, anyone can do it. This task was not an easy one and I thank you for your ability to make this happen.”

John W. Tyler

“I am writing to thank you for your excellent service in helping me to secure a long-term disability policy.

My situation as a part-time medical doctor is somewhat unusual. My professional academy agents and local agents had been unsuccessful in finding any coverage. Contacting the AMA Insurance Agency was a last resort. I was lucky to have you pick up the case. From the beginning, you contacted me promptly, stayed in touch as the search progressed, and when nothing could be found, went the extra mile to look for a carrier outside of the traditional US providers. The policy located through Lloyd’s of London meets my needs a very agreeable yearly rate. You and your wonderful Paula kept on top of every detail as the application and approval process progressed. I would recommend you and your firm without reservation. Thanks again for all your help.”

Jennifer Sidman, M.D.

“This letter is to express both my appreciation as well as that of the Board of Directors of Cardiox Corporation for your diligent efforts over a period of seven (7) months to secure key man insurance quotation for our company. Your efforts are especially appreciated in view of the fact that my elevated Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level was above the limit widely established by insurance companies. Your tireless efforts succeeded in securing a key man insurance quotation from Hartford insurance, a highly respected insurance company. Your accomplishment was also noteworthy since one of the company’s investors insisted on involving another senior insurance agent who was unable to obtain a firm quotation from any insurance carrier.

As I stated on our most recent conversation, I will recommend that all our company’s insurance in the future be handled by your firm. Your promptness and professionalism left a lasting and positive impression on our company.”

Phillip E. Edgars
Founder and CEO
Cardiox Corporation

“I wanted to write and thank you once again for all your hard work and due diligence on my latest policy. It is a pleasure working with you the last 10 years through the various policies you have helped me with. Your follow up and persistence bought my rates back the preferred levels that we original sought. You made the frustrating underwriting policies tolerable, and worth the wait. Your staff is great too. Paula beat me to the call whenever I was thinking about checking on status.”

Tom Davis, President
Western Pacific Loans, Inc.

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