Here is what some of our clients have to say about our work:

“MEG Financial went ‘above and beyond’ for me after I had been turned down by insurance company after insurance company for life insurance. I have had some major medical problems, and when I sought to replace a $750,000 and a $250,000 term life policy that had premiums rising through the roof each year, I was unable to get a new policy issued. I tried every insurance agent in my community, all without any luck whatsoever.

That was until we happened to come upon MEG Financial and agent Michael Gray. He went work to find a company that would insure me with the amount I required so I could replace the two older higher-priced policies. In an incredibly short period of time, he was able to do what literally dozens of other agents were not able to do. He found a reputable, nationally-known company that would issue me a $1 million policy with a guaranteed level premium for 10 years- exactly what I required.

And best of all, the single $1 million dollar policy was $4,986 a year less than the two policies’ annual premiums, plus I added an additional $250,000 worth of insurance as well.”

Larry Atkinson, South Dakota

“MEG Financial  helped me obtain quality life and disability insurance policies at affordable prices. Their service oriented approach made purchasing insurance simple and informative.”

Clarence Jackson, Alabama

“Thank you for placing my life insurance policy. I know that it was not easy due to my physical and medical conditions, not to mention my age. All of my prior attempts to place this policy were either rejected or the premium was not acceptable.

Thanks again! I could not have gotten this done without you. If I find that I need additional insurance for myself or my company, you will be my first call. I firmly believe that if you can’t get it done, nobody can.”

James N. Allison, California

“I am please to recommend MEG Financial who has served me well in my efforts to find term insurance policies appropriate to my evolving estate management needs.”

Glen Franklin, PhD, Alaska

“I was initially concerned that I was uninsurable due to certain portions of my medical history. MEG Financial not only found an insurance carrier that could handle my case, they also provided me a great rate on my personal and corporate insurance needs. The team at MEG handled the entire process very efficiently and professionally. Since my initial case, I have purchased other services from MEG and would recommend them to anyone.”

Jeff Ansted, Ohio

“Even though somewhat skeptical, I called the office of MEG and was pleasantly surprised to be talking with Michael Gray, the owner of the business. I told him I was looking to buy term insurance and to my surprise he was very willing to talk about it. During our conversation, it became clear that Michael wasn’t trying to sell me insurance, but was wanting to educate me and help me achieve my financial goal. He pointed out to me that my current policies, at age 80, would expire and replacement policies would not be affordable or even available.  I had not realized that; no agent had ever pointed that out to me. I’m sure grateful Mike did!”

Steven Sewell, Texas

“I am a retired Marine and senior citizen over 65, and needed more life insurance. MEG Financial exceeded all my expectations in helping me obtain a competitive life insurance policy. They were able to secure very low rates from a well-known insurance company within a reasonable time. Their staff went out of their way helping me in setting up the military allotment. They also provided recommendations for my existing insurance policies that enabled me to take advantage of policy options that I was not aware of. MEG Financial really went above and beyond to make sure that all my life insurance needs were met. I would thoroughly recommend MEG Financial to anyone that has questions about their current policies or is shopping for life insurance.”

Stan Manship, North Carolina

“It was that incredible level of detail and evening work you put forth. Just in that initial phone call you had me convinced that I could do so much better as far as annual premiums (than my other insurance company) for the same policy. I thought, “Let’s just see where this goes.

I can’t say enough about your professionalism and how well you followed through with everything you said would happen. That is hard to find anymore in ANY business. I was so impressed I signed up for an additional policy to replace another policy I have had for over 10 years.”

Stephen L. Prout, Ohio

“After talking with Michael at MEG Financial, we selected the best company for me and started the application. After the paperwork was gathered, the necessary physical completed and submitted, the underwriter did not want to grant the best rate for the policy. On a colonoscopy, there was an issue that was not an abnormal occurrence but was used as the ‘reason’ that I could not be granted the best rate. Since I am , and always have been in excellent health, exercise regularly, at 66, have excellent medical test results, we did not feel that this was justification for their position.

Michael gathered the necessary medical documentation to support our position and took the documentation to the underwriter to negotiate their position on the issue on my behalf. Michael’s strong and aggressive effort was successful in persuading the underwriter to reverse their position and the underwriter approved the best rate for the policy.

This effort resulted in a reduction of $24,000 in premiums over the life of the policy. Thank you!”

Terry L. Pate, Texas

“With MEG Financial’s expertise, I was able to purchase $900,000 of coverage guaranteed for 20 years from a nationally recognized insurance company, for only slightly more than I was paying for $400,000 of insurance that was increasing annually. I am delighted with the work they did for me and urge you to consider their services.”

Terry Baugh, California

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