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7 Deadly Sins That are Harmful to Your Financial Health

Written by MEG Financial

They’ll Kill Any Chance You Had of Ever Being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise… borrowed from Richard Lindsay, CPA 1. Bad Debt—Taking on debt just to achieve a boost in lifestyle. Long after the initial good feeling of owning something new has worn off, you will have the monthly payment. Think of debts as receiving a.. More

10 Ways to Lose Your Nest Egg—as reported on

Written by MEG Financial

Watch out for these common mistakes when managing your investment portfolio! 1. Having No Diversification. 2. Putting it all in One Stock. 3. Ignoring Inflation. 4. Buying Stock After Unverified Tips- “Hot” tips have a way of not panning out. 5. Ignoring Investment Expenses- Some of these investment expenses can be excessively high and decrease.. More