10 Ways to Lose Your Nest Egg—as reported on Forbes.com

Written by MEG Financial

Watch out for these common mistakes when managing your investment portfolio!

1. Having No Diversification.

2. Putting it all in One Stock.

3. Ignoring Inflation.

4. Buying Stock After Unverified Tips- “Hot” tips have a way of not panning out.

5. Ignoring Investment Expenses- Some of these investment expenses can be excessively high and decrease your investment. This is something you will want to monitor.

6. Trying to Time Markets.

7. Taking on Too Much Risk – Portfolio overwhelmingly full of stocks. Stocks are a hedge against inflation, but only in moderation.

8. Taking too Little Risk.

9. Investing with Borrowed Money- Add leverage to a portfolio, borrowing money to invest tremendously increases risk.

10. Ignoring Tax Implications- When they are withdrawn after retirement, funds in a traditional 401(k) or IRA account are taxed at ordinary rates.


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About MEG Financial

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