May Is Disability Awareness Month

Written by MEG Financial

Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) is an educational campaign to raise
consumers’ awareness of the importance of protecting their paycheck … with disability insurance.

Why? Most Americans underestimate their risk of suffering a disability and overestimate the
resources they have available in such an eventuality. Coordinated by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation, DIAM is an industry-wide educational campaign designed to reach out to people and increase their awareness of the importance of disability insurance.

Disability insurance will provide replacement income in the event that you can’t work due
to a disabling illness or accident. Think of it as insurance for your paycheck. Simply put, if you
have a job, you need disability insurance because the risk of a disabling accident or illness for exceeds that of death.

For some great information on disability insurance you can visit LIFE Foundations disability insurance website called protect your paycheck. You can also contact MEG Financial at (877) 583-3955 for a custom disability income insurance quote.

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About MEG Financial

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